I’m very excited. I tried this setup previously but didn’t quite have the patience to get it fully setup. I also hadn’t found obsidian, which has been an awesome arrow in my productivity quiver.

What is my vision for this blog?

I envision this blog as a place for me to formalise my thoughts and hopefully start to publish some critical thinking - in whatever form that takes. It will be a testbench for ideas and a place for me to solidify how I like to write and get feedback too!

For now, I’ll just play around with the themes and try to write consistently.


I’m doing Jekyll serve at the moment and observing how long it takes to update. Wow, it’s super quick. I reckon if I just run jekyll serve on my macbook, I should be able to update my website on the fly whenever I make changes to an article on my phone - I may just need a github app on my phone. Jekyll serve -l for a live reload is also very cool.

Issues with pages and custom domain

I’m still not fully literate on how to use the custom domains on github pages. I think it’s operational though!

This is actually really awesome. I can just push everything to github every time I make a change and it’s reflected moments later.